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29 Each project presents its own unique limitations and new expectations. However, it’s our team’s on-the-ground experience that provides the tools for constructing the most cost-efficient project, and is something that cannot be replaced or mimicked by others.  Our experience is one reason why our team does not need final construction documents to develop a GMP (Guaranteed Maximum Price) or to ensure that the project budget is attainable. We draw upon the expertise of the project managers and superintendents who have worked on these projects, and our previous project data, for quantities of materials and systems from similar projects.

The schedule that is initiated during preconstruction will continue to progress as design documents are magnified. Therefore, the management of these design documents is highly dependent on our team depicting a high-level master schedule. It's here, not in the field, where most schedules struggle. Our team will be proactive in obtaining shop drawings, gaining approval on all design documents, and the timely delivery of information.

Our schedules incorporate design and construction activities, along with input from project partners and the subcontractor community.  This collaborative effort allows our team to develop a comprehensive schedule showing durations, sequencing, and interdependencies between design phases, construction activities, and peripheral items (e.g. programming, financing, approvals, fabrication, mockups, etc.). One important procedure that we require is a subcontractor schedule. This allows our on-site management staff to monitor order and delivery status.

A Safety Officer from our in-house Safety Team will customize a site safety plan that will incorporate project specifics and input from project partners.  Our team takes pride in providing a job site that is organized, efficient, and safe.  Ongoing progress and trade meetings keep everyone informed of upcoming construction activities and any project enhancements.  This constant communication is key to delivering projects that are inline with the original GMP, and completed on time.