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Post-Construction Services

The Close-out Process is one way that our team upholds Sampson Construction’s commitment to the owner after construction is completed.  Our in-house Close-out team will include all project partners in this process.  The goal of this process is to ensure that the facility operates as designed and constructed.   Eleven months after substantial completion, our team will tour the facility, accompanied by the project partners and key subcontractors. Our goal is to make sure that the facility is functioning properly and that all systems installed have performed well during the initial warranty period.  This service does not replace, but rather enhances, any services needed within the initial warranty period.

Our TurnOVER Package (TOP) is a key to keeping project occupants informed and educated and an important part of the building process.  When a project is nearing completion, our Close-out Team will start gathering the final pieces of the project to create a customized TOP for the owner.  This package is a user-friendly guide that includes everything that the operations and maintenance team will need for each facility.