We Are Sampson Construction

Your needs, goals and budget define our uncompromising standards. It’s how we built our reputation for integrity, and it's how we measure our success. We get results by operating responsibly, executing with excellence and applying innovative technologies.

Building enduring structures that help companies and communities develop and prosper is a legacy of our company and our people. We are a trusted partner to business owners, developers and communities across the country.

We have proudly built college stadiums, schools, hospitals, religious facilities, libraries, hotels, corporate campuses, correctional centers, college campus buildings, manufacturing complexes and retail development. Regardless of the project, budget or scale, we believe in making each project our best.

From the President

Without our people, Sampson Construction would not be what it is today. I cannot give enough credit to the many great employees that have been part of the Sampson team, both past and present. 

I have received countless calls of gratitude from clients about the level of commitment by our superintendents, project managers, safety directors, craftsmen or foremen.  They are often praised for taking pride in their work, doing the job right and looking out for the client’s dollar as if it were their own.  An owner once offered me a compliment that I will never forget as we talked about one of our team members.  He said, “Not only is he a good employee, John, all of your people are good; you don’t have bad employees.”  This is our company’s largest asset.

President Sampson Construction

Construction Diversity

Sampson Construction offers services in a variety of markets, successfully delivering some of the most challenging projects. Our expert team has many years of professional experience building projects for higher education, athletic, recreation, community, cultural, corporate campus, healthcare, housing, industrial, manufacturing, k-12 education, military, law enforcement, parking garages, renovations and retail.

Sampson Construction - Fallbrook
Sampson Construction - Jorgensen
Sampson Construction - Greenhouse
Sampson Construction - UNL Memorial Stadium
Sampson Construction - Laser Scan
Sampson Construction - Safety

At Sampson Construction, quality is an uncompromising standard. Every building we complete is a portfolio of our work and our team. There are no degrees of quality; there is only high quality where we have achieved and exceeded project expectations.

Fairness means much more than being well-regarded for quality construction completed on time and on budget. We take responsibility for quality, lifespan and functionality for the long term. We care for our clients’ budgets, business needs and project expectations as if they are our own. We treat our business partners with the same values of fairness and respect.

We foster a culture of personal accountability. Our employees help drive mentoring and high performance. This has a powerful impact on delivering quality construction and an amazing level of teamwork and pride that spans generations.  

Transparency is an expectation. It builds trust. It builds teams. It builds results. It ensures a feeling of confidence in every aspect of a project, from the processes that we follow, to the level of service to expect, to what happens when challenges arise. Open, honest communication allows for continuous collaboration and clear expectations every step of the way.

Sampson Construction remains an industry leader in developing innovative processes to enhance our services and project delivery. After six decades of problem solving, our team has a vast arsenal of expertise and knowledge on projects of varying size, scope and complexity across the region.

We're dedicated to utilizing technologies to improve communication, collaboration and job coordination. This  includes plan viewing, mobile quality/safety checklists, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Virtual Design & Construction (VDC), Autodesk, Revit, Navisworks,  Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (SUAS - Drone video/photography) and more.

Our care is not only for the structures, but also for our on-site construction team, visitors and end users. Our highly-revered, comprehensive safety program has earned numerous safety awards. More importantly, it has given us a track record of safety with an EMR well below the national average.