There are a variety of ways to approach a construction project. Sampson Construction will help you evaluate your needs and priorities as well as choose the delivery method that best aligns with your preferences and project requirements.

Construction Management

Construction Manager (CM), or Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR), is a delivery method that utilizes the construction company as an advisor, consultant, advocate and builder.  The CM firm is selected prior to the completion of the drawings and offers preconstruction consulting during design.  CM and CMAR contracts often utilize a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) as the cost component of the contract.  Owners have the opportunity to select a design team and a contractor independently, based on each firm’s qualifications and suitability for the project.


Design-Build is a delivery method that has gained popularity in the last decade in the construction industry.  A design-build project uses a single source contract for the construction company, design team, subcontractors and consultants.  The team works together from the beginning, providing a unified and collaborative problem-solving approach to all stages of the project. While single-source contracting is the fundamental difference between design-build and the other delivery methods, equally important is the culture of collaboration inherent in design-build.


Design Bid Build is a project delivery method which leads to the hiring of a General Contractor.  This delivery method was the original method used to hire a builder, and only in the most recent era have we seen other delivery methods used.  Design Bid Build is a “one step at a time” process for the project.  An architect is hired to design the project.  The documents are completed and bids are solicited from General Contractors.  The lowest responsible bidder is awarded the project.

Small Projects Team

We believe every project is unique. No matter the size, scale, industry, location and more, every building Sampson Construction creates has its own set of unique qualities and is built with equal dedication and passion. Sampson Construction’s Small Projects Team brings the resources, tools, skills and expertise of a national firm to projects from $50,000 to $2 million. 

Exceeding Expectations

At Sampson Construction, our in-house team of experts help drive mentoring and high performance. This extraordinary level of teamwork and pride spans generations. Our clients feel the impact at the jobsite throughout every stage of the project. Our culture is driven by quality, experience and commitment.

Engaged at Every Stage

Sampson Construction has a high number of returning clientele. This is a testament to our daily operations, professional teams, innovative processes and unwavering commitment to deliver project expectations.

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During design, our role is to support the architects with current pricing and scheduling models for selected construction methods, materials, systems and building equipment. Our recommendations focus on the cost, schedule and constructability of the project. We guide the entire project team through estimating, value engineering and all design support exercises.
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Each project presents its own unique limitations and new expectations. Our team’s on-the-ground experience provides the tools for constructing the most cost-efficient project. This unprecedented expertise cannot be replaced or replicated. We take pride in providing a jobsite that is organized, efficient and safe. Ongoing progress and trade meetings keep the project on schedule and on budget.
Our commitment goes well beyond the day construction is completed. The commissioning process helps us make sure the facility is operating as designed and that all systems installed perform well during the initial warranty period. This service enhances, not replaces, any services needed within the initial warranty period.
Professional Experience

A partner shares your vision, goals and expectations. A partner collaborates and problem solves. A partner is invested in every detail to impact results. That’s how Sampson Construction approaches our projects. We value strong relationships, and time and again we prove the powerful impact that collaboration has on the final outcome.