Projects Include

Urban Parking Structures

Event Parking Near Attractions and Sporting Venues

Hospital and Medical Center Parking

Corporate Campus Parking Garages

University Parking Structures

Parking Structures

Parking garages may seem like simple levels of concrete. They are actually complex structures that must meet many quality and safety standards.    

Sampson Construction achieves those standards every time. Our experience working closely with architects, structural engineers, testing agencies, utility companies and city governments ensures the work we do will be safe and last for years to come.

Six decades of experience means our professional team is ready to respond to challenges, while also keeping the owner’s best interest in mind and maintaining workmanship on site. We have also completed parking structures with geothermal systems and LED lighting, achieving LEED certifications to meet green standards and promote environmentally friendly construction components for a better tomorrow.

Exceeding Expectations

At Sampson Construction, our in-house team of experts help drive mentoring and high performance. This extraordinary level of teamwork and pride spans generations. Our clients feel the impact at the jobsite throughout every stage of the project. Our culture is driven by quality, experience and commitment.