Project Details

Lincoln, NE
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
315,000 SF New; 1,040 Stalls
Parking Garages

19th & Vine Parking Garage

On the University of Nebraska-Lincoln City Campus, at 19th and Vine, is a 1,040 stall garage that primarily serves UNL students. This project has achieved LEED SILVER certification and is the only parking garage in Nebraska to have been awarded this type of certification. The structure has many unique energy saving features, such as a geothermal system used to heat and cool the stairwell and passenger waiting area, movement censored LED lighting and a wind powered ventilation system.

Other environmentally friendly construction elements incorporated into this project include the use of pervious concrete in the additional parking lot adjacent to the structure. This type of concrete is an effective way to address runoff water and support green, sustainable growth. Another unique element of this parking structure are the vertical “panels” attached to the exterior elevations of the garage. These “panels” are designed and installed for climbing vines, which creates a green hue on the south, east and west sides of the garage.