Projects Include

  • Owner holds less control of the project and pays the CM a flat fee to oversee and manage the project.
  • The CM manages the project from beginning to end, and may even help in the selection of the design team and general contractors. This is extremely beneficial to owners who don’t have the expertise or time to manage a large, complex construction project.
  • Owner oversees the CM and relies on their expertise of to successfully make decisions.
  • The bids are based on whatever type of contract is chosen when hiring the general contractor (if not the current CM).
  • During the design phase, the CM acts on behalf of the owner often independently. The expertise of the CM provides beneficial constructability reviews, system/material recommendations, and value engineering solutions with the design team and general contractor.

Construction Management

Construction Manager (CM), or Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR), is a delivery method that utilizes the construction company as an advisor, consultant, advocate and builder.  The CM firm is selected prior to the completion of the drawings and offers preconstruction consulting during design.  CM and CMAR contracts often utilize a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) as the cost component of the contract.  Owners have the opportunity to select a design team and a contractor independently, based on each firm’s qualifications and suitability for the project.

Construction Management Projects

As a construction manager, the contractor is more than the builder.  The Construction Management firm serves as the owner’s advocate and advisor during all phases of design and construction. This is an “open book” contract, allowing the owner to financially benefit from any cost savings that may occur during the project. Owners choose Construction Management when they prefer a qualifications-based team, with collaboration and owner input throughout the entire project. Every decision is made as a collaborative team on a Construction Management project.

Exceeding Expectations

At Sampson Construction, our in-house team of experts help drive mentoring and high performance. This extraordinary level of teamwork and pride spans generations. Our clients feel the impact at the jobsite throughout every stage of the project. Our culture is driven by quality, experience and commitment.