Project Details

Lincoln, NE
141,437 SF
Corporate Campus
Construction Management

NEBCO Fallbrook Office Building

NEBCO needed an office complex to administer their planned subdivision, Fallbrook. This steel-framed complex of over 140,000 SF features three levels of mostly open-plan office space, designed to be adapted to suit future tenant clients. These levels include office kitchens and restrooms, ample sunlight, and full electrical and data capabilities. Though capable of supporting public and private tenants in the information age, the exterior is designed to resemble a more traditional masonry design. The building also includes a finished basement for mechanical facilities, and on-site parking for resident and commuter users.

This building is part of NEBCO’s larger Fallbrook development, a public-private partnership to create a traditional pedestrian-friendly community for all ages. Fallbrook is an ambitious effort to replicate the kind of mixed-use residential and commercial development that many Nebraskans grew up with before cheap cars decimated their downtown areas. As such, this building is designed to house city and state agencies, and private tenants, fitted for their requirements on an as-needed basis.