Project Details

Lincoln, NE
Sandhills Publishing
50,000 SF New
Corporate Campus
Construction Management

Sandhills Publishing Cyber Center

Constructed largely of recycled and reclaimed materials, the Sandhills Publishing Cyber Center is the third LEED certified facility on the campus, located in Lincoln, Nebraska. This building houses more than 200 employee workstations, a reception area and cafe space, as well as classrooms and other training facilities.

Design of this building incorporates state-of-the-art technologies that increase water and energy efficiencies through the use of solar panels, light harvesting sensors and motion sensors that control plumbing and electricity. The Cyber Center also features one of the most advanced heating and cooling system designs in the world: a closed-loop, geothermal well field confirmed by the EPA to operate at greater efficiency than oil furnaces, gas furnaces and air source heat pumps.