Project Details

Laramie, Wyoming
Laramie Fire Department
7,861 SF
Construction Management

Laramie Fire Department Fire Training Department

The Laramie Fire Department completed upgrades to its firefighter training facilities in the summer of 2022. The project included structural improvements to the existing classroom building and two new buildings for skills training and new recruit education. The existing classroom building received a heavy renovation, with new locker rooms and restrooms, a new mechanical room, and a truck bay for its practice fire engine. A new four-story drill tower with steel framing and masonry walls permits recruits to practice the skills they learn adjacent to the classroom building.

A significant upgrade to the facility is the two-story burn building for rehearsals and qualifying exams. The building was designed and constructed to be partially destroyed and reconstructed regularly, without losing any structural integrity. At two stories tall, it is built to withstand temperature extremes when it is repeatedly lit during all seasons. This building is constructed with multiple control joints in lieu of rebar, a steel frame to withstand expansion and contraction during burns, and specialized fire tiles to preserve the structure through years of use.