Project Details

Lincoln, NE
First Plymouth Church
17,700 SF New; 29,000 SF Renovation
Community & Cultural
Construction Management

First-Plymouth Church Renovation

Since 1985, Sampson Construction has completed numerous projects for First-Plymouth Congregational Church. Among these projects is a renovation of the sanctuary, additions to the pipe organ, classroom additions, bell tower renovation, courtyard addition and a kitchen remodel.

Phase 1 included renovating Mayflower Hall, a lower level multipurpose room, fixing the leaking pipes and adding a new HVAC. In addition, a stage and theatrical lighting were constructed for use by the youth groups. Other renovations to the 17,700 SF area included new electrical feed, remodeling the Sunday school rooms and remodeling the restrooms.

Phase 2 encompassed 28,860 SF and consisted of remodeling the gym, the youth gathering rooms and the preschool.

Phase 3 included the renovation of the daycare, church offices, meeting rooms, music offices and practice rooms, as well as re-roofing a nearby residential house to be used by the preschool office. The final portion of this phase resulted in a freshly painted ceiling in the sanctuary and refurbished stained glass windows.