Project Details

Casper, Wy
Kelly Walsh High School
300,000 SF New
K-12 Education
Construction Management

Kelly Walsh High School

The new Kelly Walsh High School replaces an existing 1960s era high school. The new school was built on the same site as the existing school while keeping all daily operations functioning.  The high school serves 1,600 students.

The existing theater and indoor pool were retained, renovated and integrated into the new school, which consisted of 300,000 SF, organized into four learning academies: Creative Arts, Communication and Design; Business, Agriculture and Natural Resources; Architecture, Construction, Manufacturing and Engineering; and Health Sciences and Health Services.

The library at Kelly Walsh is an open space, with high ceilings and flexibility built into the design. Daylighting provides natural lighting in the library and a variety of seating options have been incorporated into the layout of the room, in addition to an abundance of technology ports and extra receptacles for charging stations.