Project Details

Denver, Colorado
Mapleton Public Schools
36,000 SF renovation; 9,000 SF addition
K-12 Education

Monterey Community School

The sixty-year-old Monterey Community School received an extensive refurbishment in 2021, bringing the building up to current design standards, and improving the resources available to students and families. Improvements include a new gymnasium, art and music space, playground, parking lot, renovated classrooms, and cafeteria. A new entrance includes a grand staircase and new elevator for increased accessibility. Due to the building’s age, renovations involved extensive structural improvements. Foundations needed reinforced, structural steel added to the walls, and roof supports were added to bear the weight of new rooftop climate systems. These improvements brought the building up to current standards, including strengthening the load-bearing walls in the second-floor kitchen and cafeteria. The entire building was renovated, and new expansions added approximately 25% more square footage to the building.