Project Details

Greeley, Colorado
Weld County School District 6
55,800 SF addition; 49,905 SF renovation
K-12 Education
Construction Management

McAuliffe K8 STEM Academy

S. Christa McAuliffe STEM Academy received a 55,800 SF addition and 49,905 SF renovation in response to the Weld County School District growth. The project produced a complete educational environment for Kindergarten through Eighth Grade, encompassing a liberal arts curriculum, healthy eating and exercise education, and community support. New developments included a principal administrative space near the main entrance, a second administrative space inside for counseling, and other confidential services.

Classroom spaces include two maker labs, two media labs, STEM labs, elective spaces for fine and performing arts, and a full cafeteria. New spaces also included two complete gymnasiums, sufficient to accommodate middle grades-level competitive sports. Outdoor improvements include engineered traffic flows to streamline pickup, drop-off, and bus movements. Renovations were designed to also improve safety, traffic, and noise in the surrounding residential community. 

There are many things to consider when constructing a school, but even more when building an addition to and renovating an occupied school, Safety is Number 1. Sampson Construction and their school specific safety plan was outstanding. There was constant communication with school leaders and District staff to keep them informed so student learning and daily activities would not be interrupted.
Kent Henson
Assistant Superintendent of Support Services - Weld County School District 6
Greeley, CO