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Crete, NE
Doane University
28,000 SF Renovation
Higher Education
Construction Management
Small Projects Team

Doane University Library Learning Commons and Career Center

Sampson Construction had the opportunity to partner with Doane College for a complete remodel of the campus library and career center.

The Doane Library Learning Commons offers an area to bring all student resources to one place. The commons allows access to the Writing Center, IT desk, an elevator, classrooms and other library resources. Also available for students is a 24/7 study lab conveniently housed with computers and printers. The project was a renovation of 28,000 SF over three levels. The upper level of Perkins Library is now the learning commons area. Books and reference materials are on the lower level and the upper level is where the new Rall Gallery can be found. Group or individual study spaces are available for students. The Career Center is a brightly decorated space of 1,200 SF. The area was quickly renovated while the students were on winter break.