Project Details

Lincoln, NE
Rembolt Ludtke
20,700 SF New
Corporate Campus
Construction Management
Small Projects Team

Rembolt Ludtke

The Rembolt Ludtke Project was a 20,683 square foot interior office finish. The lobby consists of large walnut wood panels with large tile on the floor. The law firm also contains a large conference room with motorized drapes on an all-glass entrance as well as several smaller conferences rooms, each with its own digital display to show the upcoming schedule for the room. A large recessed area with a television is hidden by a frosted glass marker board that can be slid in front of the television. A pocket door hides a serving area that can be opened up if needed. The back area consists of large open office areas along with many private offices as well. There are a men’s and women’s restrooms with showers, a break room and several coffee stations throughout the area.