Project Details

Lincoln, Nebraska
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
38,000 SF renovation
Higher Education
Construction Management

UNL McCollum Hall Schmid Law Library

In summer of 2022, our team renovated approximately 38,000 SF of the Schmid Law Library in McCollum Hall on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus. The scope of the renovation included all three floors of the library, with most significant interventions occurring on the lower and main floors, and minimal work occurring on the upper floor. The renovation project added two new entrances to the library and exterior improvements. The renovation captured two currently underutilized spaces in an interstitial zone on the lower level between the Law Library and the Law School. 

The project’s overarching objective was to shift from an emphasis on collections to an enhanced emphasis on service, student amenities, and creating centric spaces. Primary goals for this renovation included collaborative open-study areas, private study rooms and classrooms. The staircase leading from the main floor to the lower level and library faculty offices was also reconfigured. The Archives Collection was relocated, acoustics to support quiet and focused studies, studio recording spaces, and a flexible wellness area with direct access to the outdoor garden were key elements of this project.