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Lincoln, NE
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
352,300 SF New
Higher Education
Athletic & Recreation
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University of Nebraska - Lincoln Memorial Stadium - East Stadium Expansion

The east stadium of Memorial Stadium at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is a feat of structural genius.

The east stadium expansion to Memorial Stadium, home of the Husker football team, is a fitting addition to the crowning jewel of the flagship of the University of Nebraska system. The unique blending of the old and new was an accomplishment. The east stadium expansion could not touch the structure built in 1923 due to the inability to withstand the structural load. To accommodate this, creative solutions were designed, such as setting the new structure back 15 feet and cantilevering the overhang roof to concrete slabs underground. This allowed the east stadium expansion to be a freestanding structure while also maintaining the integrity of the original building.

Fan safety and public access were key to making this project a success. With 86,000 visitors to the jobsite almost every week during the 2011 and 2012 football seasons, safety measures were taken to ensure all fans could access their seats in a safe manner. Sampson Construction is proud of the partnership with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln since 1965. Our team has constructed first-class buildings for the University and has helped them achieve the status of the fourth largest stadium in the Big 10.