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3 Ways Sampson Construction Puts Patients First in Healthcare Construction

With more than 35 years of healthcare construction experience, we understand the unique complexities of building a healthcare facility. It requires immense attention to detail, collaboration, communication, and an unwavering commitment to keeping patients healthy, secure and safe. Our teams of project managers, superintendents and construction crews have built hospitals, medical centers, research institutions, long-term care, medical offices and more of all scopes and sizes. 

We know how critical it is for healthcare facilities to remain in full operation during construction. To prevent hospital-acquired infections. To do the most with the least. To develop a long term plan that allows for growth and expansion. Our team understands the intricacies specific to healthcare construction, and our breadth and depth of experience enable us to take all these matters into consideration while keeping patient health and safety front and center. Here are just three of the many ways we continue to put patients first in each of our healthcare construction projects: 

Approach: It’s just not just another project. We’re building spaces with one purpose; caring for your patients.  
Our values and passion fuel every project that we work on. We’re invested in every detail and the final outcome. For healthcare, that means putting patients first, preventing infections at all costs and continually striving to do our part in improving patient outcomes. We understand the industry shift from volume-based to value-based. We take pride in the quality of spaces we create and the positive impact they have on our communities. We look at each project as an opportunity to contribute to the overall health and well-being of our friends, family and neighbors. 

Technology: We use technology to enhance the construction process, create efficiencies and prevent potential roadblocks. 
Technology in healthcare is rapidly growing, so we’re keeping pace with the use of technology to build healthcare facilities too. We use tools to improve our communication, collaboration and job coordination. Tools such as Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) help us to maximize budgets, save time and make informed decisions on all projects. The visualization of projects creates intentional collaboration across design and construction teams, allowing us to discuss, detect and prevent potential issues upfront. Through our intentional use of technology, we can visualize and build structures that support patients, staff and visitors from the time they check in to the time they leave. 

Safety: Whether it’s a new facility or a renovation that remains in operation, our award-winning safety program allows us to keep your patients, visitors, employees and our crew safe. 
Our care is not only for the structures we build but for all individuals who interact with them. Our comprehensive safety program has received numerous safety awards and earned us a track record of safety with an EMR well below the national average. We have extensive experience in infection control and exposure when working in healthcare environments that remain in operation during construction. Our best practices for ventilation, air quality, demolition, noise control, and traffic ensure patients, faculty, visitors, and employees are protected from infections and hazards. Our healthcare safety procedures proactively assess risks to keep safety of the utmost important during healthcare construction projects. 

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