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Sampson Construction: Elevating Construction with Technology

At Sampson Construction, we’re dedicated to utilizing technologies to improve communication, collaboration and coordination. As technology in the construction industry progresses, we’re staying on top of the latest tools, tech and processes to ensure our projects continue to elevate our uncompromising standard of quality. Fieldwire is a software we use to collaborate throughout the entire project. From each foreman to the project manager, Fieldwire allows us to easily coordinate with one another, track our performance, and reduce any risk. 

At every phase of the project lifecycle, we utilize technology that helps our team build better buildings and structures. Whether it’s Building Information Modeling (BIM) in the pre-construction phase, virtual design & construction or the software we use for plan viewing, Sampson Construction is constantly reshaping the way we innovate, communicate and approach our projects.

How does technology at Sampson Construction improve performance?

Improve collaboration. 
The use of technology, such as BIM is just one example of a process that strengthens collaboration. BIM allows us to better coordinate and communicate across the multiple disciplines involved in a construction project. From architects, engineers to construction, BIM plays a vital role in the collaboration process.

Reduce costs.
Virtual design & construction methods help reduce costs by visualizing a project before it’s built. In doing this, the project team can prevent issues before they arise, saving time and money that would have been spent solving them.

Increase safety.
Tech tools like Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems and drones are not only great ways to capture footage of the project but also an effective way to increase safety for the construction crew. For large projects, drones can perform efficient site inspections and monitoring across the entire job site. 

Enhance decision making. 
All of this data gathered before the project starts contributes to our ability to make better decisions that will positively impact your project. For example, virtual designs allow us to see potential clashes before construction begins. Information gathered from past projects inform future projects of a similar nature, leading to data-driven decisions driving the management of every project.

Create scheduling efficiencies. 
Productivity increases with enhanced communication and greater collaboration. As the information on projects is shared in real-time with all parties involved, key milestones on projects can be hit on time and on budget.

Technology continues to shift at a rapid pace in the construction industry, and those shifts are driving new standards for safety, quality, collaboration and more. That’s why Sampson Construction is committed to staying ahead of the game when it comes to the latest software, tools and trends. We’re embracing these tech innovations to continually improve each project we work on and provide a better experience for our customers. To learn more about Sampson Construction or to get in touch about your next project, please contact Joseph Young at

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Exceeding Expectations

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