Project Details

Lincoln, NE
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
134,000 SF Remodel
Higher Education
Design Bid Build

Whittier Research Center (Renovation)

Constructed in 1923, the Whittier Research Center was one of the first junior high facilities in the United States and has historical meaning to the Lincoln Community. The University of Nebraska purchased the building in 1983 and renovations began in 2007. The nearly 90- year-old school building now serves as a state-of-the-art research center and child care center for faculty, staff and students on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) campus and the Lincoln Community. The renovation took place on an occupied campus and this facility met LEED design/building criteria. The Childcare Center is a 16,000 SF single-story childhood learning center. The Center can provide care for up to 150 children from ages six weeks to five years old and in the summer months, accepts children to the age of eight years old. The Children’s Center has 10 classrooms and is arranged in “families.” The enrollment has a very diverse community of children from many countries. The Center also has an extensive outdoor playground area.