Project Details

Amherst, NE
Amherst Public Schools
53,900 SF addition; 10,600 SF renovation
K-12 Education
Construction Manager At Risk

Amherst School

Through a successful bond election, the Amherst community will welcome a much needed 10,600 SF renovation and 53,900 SF addition project in time for the second semester of the 2023-2024 school year. This project will be built to meet the current and growing enrollment needs of the district and will include new and renovated classrooms, space for industrial arts, music, a kitchen, commons area, lunch room, wrestling room, locker room, gymnasium, and shop space.

The bond passed with 340 votes for and 237 against. This was the second time that this project was on the ballet. As CM, we provided pre-bond services, and are currently managing the construction phase; serving as the contract administrator for pre-qualified subcontractors, providing on-site administration of all construction contracts, and ensuring that contractors are performing satisfactory work for the District.