Project Details

Currently Under Construction
Elkhorn, NE
Elkhorn Public Schools
254,000 SF New
K-12 Education
Design Bid Build

Elkhorn High School #3

Elkhorn High School, located in Elkhorn, Nebraska, will soon house its 1,200 students in a brand new 254,000 SF building. The new school is anticipated to ease crowding at the current Elkhorn High, which is close to capacity. Set to open in August 2020, the new high school will have space that will allow for a future addition to bring the total number of students to 1,800. Major components of the building will consist of an auditorium; an elevated track; a fitness and weight room; football, soccer and softball fields; a kitchen, cafeteria and dining area; as well as new locker rooms.

Layout of the classroom wing will be in two sections of three stories that will allow for a third section to be added in the future. Science labs will all run along one end of the classroom wing and the classrooms will be grouped in cul-de-sacs with a commons area in the center of each.

There will also be traffic improvements made to the site, one being students will not have to cross traffic to get from the parking lot to the main doors.