Project Details

Lincoln, NE
Lincoln Public Schools
11,320 SF New Addition
K-12 Education
Design Bid Build

Lefler Middle School

A large portion of the additions and renovations at Lefler Middle School were completed while school was in session. Our team coordinated closely with the school, scheduling any activities that might have been disruptive to the students outside of school hours.

CMU walls with a brick veneer and bar joists for the roof structure were used for the addition, which consisted of a gymnasium, entry vestibule, mechanical room and storage room totaling approximately 5,600 SF. A new elevator shaft with elevator lobbies and new entrance canopy were also included in the scope of work.  

Areas of the building to receive renovations included four restrooms, three science classrooms, one computer room, two corridors (to provide new ramps) as well as the area adjacent to the stair (for the new elevator shaft and lobbies).

This was a multi-phased project and the classrooms, restrooms and main entrance renovations had to be completed prior to the new school year. Our team was also able to turn the elevators over one and a half months ahead of schedule.