Project Details

Lincoln, NE
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
208,000 SF New
Higher Education
Residential Communities

University of Nebraska - Lincoln Robert E. Knoll Residential Center

The Robert E. Knoll Residential Center Project consisted of 208,000 SF. This project features 565 beds in suite-style units, with a kitchenette, bathroom and living room. The two-winged building has five levels. Each wing and floor contains laundry facilities, social and study lounges. A convenience store, computer labs, a multipurpose room and a large living room with a TV and fireplace are included as shared amenities.

The project incorporated LEED principals such as a geothermal well system, energy efficient mechanical systems, low emitting volatile organic compounds for glues and paints and utilizing locally distributed products. Aesthetic and maintenance upgrades were incorporated into the project such as polished concrete floors in the convenience store; rubber flooring in the stair wells; increased glazing in the study lounges and stair wells; and additional storage space under the vanity areas.