Project Details

Cheyenne, WY
Laramie County School District
49,700 SF New
K-12 Education
Design Bid Build

Davis Elementary School Replacement

The aging Davis Elementary School was demolished during the beginning of the summer of 2014 and was replaced with a new 49,710 SF state-of-the-art elementary school. 350 students and 50 faculty members occupied the school at the beginning of the new school year in the fall of 2015. Davis Elementary School contains all of the modern technologies critical for students to learn and attain new skills.

The school features 21 classrooms, art, media and music rooms, a gymnasium, cafeteria and an administration area. This new facility has rammed earth piers under the foundations for added structural support, structural steel with metal studs, brick veneer, metal wall panels and CMU walls for the gymnasium. Large block retaining walls were added surrounding the school perimeter. The construction schedule required the footings, foundations and masonry to be built during the winter conditions of 2014 so school would start on time in the fall of the 2015 school year.