Project Details

Milliken, CO
Weld County School District RE-5J
50,295 SF renovation; 3,900 SF addition
K-12 Education
Design Bid Build

Milliken Elementary School

Milliken Elementary School required renovations to integrate the four interior remodeled construction stages, two small additions, and a partial renovation of the existing playground. The school was occupied during all phases of construction. 

The front office addition, consisted of 1,130 SF of new secure entry vestibules, new front desk space, offices, bathroom, and meeting room.  This addition provided a new line of site and entry for staff, families, and guests. The second addition, consisted of 2,782 SF new connection corridor between the existing school and the Early Childhood Learning  Center (ECLC) and included a secure entrance to both spaces, new STEM classrooms, a learning commons area and library.

As the main school was renovated, classrooms were moved to temporary modular classrooms. A new fire sprinkler,and heating and cooling systems were installed throughout the facility. Smaller renovations included the existing kitchen and dining commons areas. Playground renovation included equipment installation, resurfacing, a new patio, landscaping, shade structure, and walking/bike track.  

Sampson renovated our building in several phases. Throughout the project, the team was responsive to the needs of our staff and students, prioritized safety, and produced a beautiful school. I believe that this project should be recognized for honoring the history and heritage of the existing building and partnership, and supporting student curiosity.
Jennifer Crill, Ed.D.
Principal - Milliken Elementary School
Milliken, CO