Project Details

Laramie Regional Airport
5,500 SF addition; 7,300 SF renovation
Mixed Use & Retail
Design Bid Build

Laramie Regional Airport

Sampson Construction was originally hired to remodel and build an addition to an airport terminal originally constructed in the 1950s. It was subsequently determined that the original construction was not sound which turned the project into a complete demo and rebuild (less footings and foundations). The entire new building is 16,000 SF with 7,300 SF sitting on existing spread footings and 8,700 SF sitting on new drilled pier and grade beam footings. Although the structure appears as one, each part acts independently. The airport is a single-story building with an elevated mechanical room over the administrative offices. It is a structural steel build with cold-formed framing, exposed wood glulam rafters, and wood trusses with a mix of metal roofing and EPDM.

Components of the Laramie Regional Airport terminal expansion included improving layout and space available for TSA screening areas, creating sufficient room for equipment and enhancing passenger comfort and privacy, expanding the TSA holding room and the main lobby to provide adequate space for restrooms, drinking fountains, vending, and other basic amenities in secure and non-secure areas. The facility provided space to accommodate additional rental car vendors.